Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


How does an online color analysis function?

Online color analysis is done basically the same as if it is done in my studio. That means that with the use of special screens and a neutral background I analyze the interplay between your skin, your eyes and the color of your hair at its roots. In this case I do it with the photo and not live with you in my studio.

What requirements must be met so that an online color analysis can be made?

It is important that you email me a portrait photo of yourself in which you are wearing no make-up. Ideally the background should be a white wall. The photo should definitely have been taken during daylight, but not in the direct sun and must be without shadows. If possible, wear a white top and push or tie your hair out of your face. Since this is a portrait photo, your face should appear large.


How exact is an online color analysis?

An online color analysis is exact as long as you have met the requirements. If I have doubts when analyzing your photo, I will let you know and will ask for another photo. In the rare case that it should it not be possible for me to clearly identify your color type, I will reimburse to you the full sale’s price. Thus there is no risk for you.


What happens if I don’t like my color type and would prefer to be another one?

This happens occasionally. You were expecting to be another color type and are disappointed because you do not like your colors. There is nothing one can do about this. I will not analyze you a color type that you might want to be, only the one that you are. This may at first be a disappointment for you, but it is also an opportunity for you to make a great optical transition if you “accept” your colors and give them a chance.