How does this function?


Choose between the categories “Online Color Analysis” and “Analysis Session”.


After this you will need to register. Have no fear!! The information will only be used for your order and you will not be bombarded with spam emails! You may also visit as a guest, but then you will need to write in all of your information again when you place your order for your color analysis.


Das ist die Übersetzung wie ich es logisch finde, aber ohne Ziffern:

I will confirm your order once I have received your order and will send my contact data. Please transfer the money then onto the noted bank account or pay via PayPal.????? Next you will receive a message from me asking you to email a photo of yourself. (Check FAQ to see how the photo should look.) In case the photo is not adequate for making a color analysis, I will inform you and ask for a more adequate photo. There is a slight chance that I might send you a further questionnaire asking for more details. I will then analyze your photo and your possible other data with the use of my analytic color screen and then know what color type you are.


Within a few days I will email you an information packet with your personal color analysis. Furthermore, you will receive an analysis of your personal photo(s), as well as all information in regards to your personal ideal colors, disadvantageous colors, tips in regards to jewelry, make-up, eye glasses, patterns and materials. I will also mail you a color pass via regular mail on the same day. You can use this whenever you go clothes shopping to see if the clothes you have picked out have the correct colors for you.