Information about me


A vibrant appearance is not a matter of age, but a matter of color!


I have been working with the effects of color for quite a long time although my own color analysis 17 years ago was quite a disappointment. The colors that supposedly looked good on me were a far cry from being my personal favorite colors! But, I received so many compliments when I wore my “new” colors that I realized that there must be some truth to the color analysis.  People no longer asked me, “Are you sick? You look so pale.” Nor did they any longer say, “Are you on the way to the doctor’s?” Exactly the opposite happened; everyone told me that I looked fresh and relaxed!


My personal experience with my color analysis impressed me so much that I decided to train to become a color analyst.  And so now, even after 13 years as a color and style consultant, I am still as enthusiastic about this as I was on the first day. It still moves me to see how color can change people, to see how much younger and more glowing they appear when they wear the right colors! It is so easy to look good if you know how to do so. Through my analysis many a customer has had a “wow” experience.