Why Online?


Make use of the many advantages of an online color analysis:


  • You are free of having to specify an appointment time and need not drive anywhere to get to a color consultant.


  • An online color analysis is much cheaper than a consultation in a studio.


  • By sending me a photo of yourself, you will easily receive your color analysis.


  • You will receive detailed and extensive information about your color type.


  • You will receive a color pass especially for your color type.


Please note that an online analysis cannot be as detailed and individual as a 3 hour consultation in my studio. But, therefore, it is much less expensive and the result (the analysis of your color type) is equally exact.


Note: This color analysis is not comparable to various free tests in the internet. In those test you will only be asked standard questions in regards to skin, hair color and eye color. Frequently one has a set idea of oneself which does not necessarily reflect the truth. For example, you might see your hair as being golden brown, whereas in reality it might be ash brown. Consequently misjudgments can occur. Only a trained color and style counselor can judge such details by analyzing a good photo or by performing an in-studio analysis.